Blaster gun will clip into the hand of your favorite minifigure

A small led is housed inside the barrel of the gun.  The wire exits from the bottom of the handle making it simple to connect to your minifigure hand.  Choose from USB or Battery as your power source.  

The USB version includes about 12 inches of wire.  This version is great if you plan to power your blaster gun for an extended period.  Since LEDs draw a low amount of power, you can be sure that a cell phone power bank will last for hours and hours.  

The battery option includes 2 LR41 batteries that are housed inside of a brick.  Simply push the button on the side to turn lights on or off.

What is the difference between USB and Battery power?

USB Plug:

  • The usb plug must remain plugged into a power source
  • To turn lights on and off you simply plug in or unplug
  • Potential power sources include, cell phone power bank,              USB wall plug, Computer USB port

Battery Brick:

  • Battery brick is powered by 2x LR41 batteries (included)
  • Push button on the side to turn lights on and off
  • Open the small door on the side with a screw driver, to                  replace batteries

The perfect power source for USB lights!


Power your USB lights with this battery box.  Batteries not included