FX Lighting

Our premium light system.  

Our FX lighting system is not compatible with our Plug & Play system.  FX lighting uses smaller plugs and smaller expansion boards compared to our plug and play light system.  Please read each item description below for tips on safe usage and installation.

Power Options

Choose your power source that will best suit your creation.  Our AA battery box option is great for powering more than 20 lights!  But you can of course use this option for less than 20 as well.  Our smaller, CR2032 battery option, is recommended for less than 20 lights.  Lastly, our USB power option will plug into any of your USB power sources including a cell phone charger wall outlet plug or a portable power bank.  Use care when handling each power options plug, as the plug can only be inserted one way.  


FX lights are designed to fit under bricks and pieces.  The wires will fit between and under bricks and pieces as well.  The plug of each light is small enough to fit through the holes of most bricks.  Light color options include White, Warm White, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.  Handle lights with care when plugging them in, as the plug will can be inserted only one way.  When unplugging a light, grip the plug with your finger nails and never pull by the wire as this can result in damage.  

Effects Boards

Plug your power source directly into this effects board.  There are two "out" ports for lights.  Lights plugged into the two "out" ports will alternate the chosen effect.  By sliding the switch on the board, you can choose between three different effects.  You also can change the speed of the effect with a twist of the dial.  If two lights are not enough, you can add an expansion board.  All lights plugged into the expansion board will then display the effect at the same time! A connecting cable is required to connect the expansion board to the effects board.

Expansion Boards

Expansion boards are designed to plug in multiple lights at the same time.  Choose between 6, 8, or 12 ports or even link more than one expansion board together using a connecting cable.  Your power source will plug directly into the expansion board, giving all plugged in lights power.  Use a connecting cable to connect an expansion board to an effects board to add many lights to the effects board.

Connecting Cables

Use a connecting cable to link multiple expansion boards together or add an expansion board to an effects board.  Comes in different lengths and the wire is thin enough to go between or under bricks and pieces.  Handle plugs with care when plugging them in, as it can only be inserted one way.  Use your finger nails to grip the plug when unplugging.  Pulling them by the wire can result in damage.