Remote control with 4 outputs.

Introducing our LED Remote Control System! This innovative product is designed to provide you with ultimate control over your lighting setup. The control board features one input for power and four outputs for lights, allowing you to effortlessly customize your lighting experience.

With our user-friendly remote control, you can easily turn on each channel individually or all at the same time, giving you the flexibility to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Additionally, the remote control offers a range of exciting features, including the ability to turn the lights on and off, make lights flash at different frequencies, and adjust the brightness to suit your preferences.

 One of the standout features of our LED Remote Control System is its expandability. You can add expansion boards to each output, enabling you to connect even more lights to your setup without any hassle. This means you can effortlessly scale your lighting system to accommodate larger spaces or create more dynamic lighting effects.