Choose from 3 programed effects and change the speed of each with the twist of a dial.

Programed effects board!

This effects board has one port for power, labeled "IN 5V".  There are two ports to connect your lights to, labeled "OUT".  Lights that are plugged into the out ports, will alternate the programed effect between them.  Sliding the three position switch will change the effect.  Twisting the knob will adjust the speed of the effect.

The effects board has two "out" ports that alternate the chosen effect with the speed depending on where you set the speed knob to.  If you attach an expansion board to the "out" port of the effect board, then all lights plugged into the expansion board, will all display the effect simultaneously. (as shown in the video above)

ALWAYS insert and remove these lights by holding the plug.  Removing the lights by pulling on the wire can result in damage.  To remove the light from a port, grip the plug with your finger nails and pull.