FX Lights are small enough to fit under bricks and pieces.  The wire is thin enough to fit between or under bricks and pieces.

Tiny lights for any creation!

Our FX Lights are slightly smaller than a brick stud. This means, the light will fit under your pieces making for an easy installation.  The wires can fit under or between bricks, allowing you to easily hide the wires.

Our FX lights do not directly connect to the power source.  Instead, the plug of the power source, will be inserted into the port of either our effects boards or expansion boards.  This in turn will supply power to all of the lights that are plugged into the effects board and expansion board. 

ALWAYS insert and remove these lights by holding the plug.  Removing the lights by pulling on the wire can result in damage.  To remove the light from a port, grip the plug with your finger nails and pull.