Different ways to power the Plug and Play lights.  Power brick can power up to 11 lights at once.

Power Brick:

The power brick is a hollowed out brick with 12 ports inside.  Each power brick includes both USB and 9-volt battery power cables each with a small plug at one end.  Once the chosen power cable is plugged into the power brick, there are 11 ports left for lights.  Each light has a small plug that goes into one of the ports on the power brick. 


  • Powers one light 
  • Must be plugged in for power
  • Great for a single light

Power Brick

  • Powers eleven lights
  • USB or Battery (Both included)
  • Great for connecting many lights


  • Powers one light 
  • Replaceable batteries (included)
  • Great for a single light

The perfect power source for USB lights!


Power your USB lights with this battery box.  Batteries not included