Light up your scene with these torches that look just like in the game.

Light up your Minecraft world with our unique Light Up LEGO Minecraft torch! Our torch comes in two options to cater to your unique needs. The first option features a pair of wires that allow you to connect multiple torches in series, creating a stunning display of illuminated torches. The second option features a single wire, perfect for when you only need one torch or for the end of your torch light string. Our torch is easy to use and installs effortlessly, and it's compatible with other LEGO pieces. The torch emits a soft and warm glow, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for any Minecraft enthusiast. Whether you're showcasing your Minecraft creations or simply adding a touch of ambiance to your room, our Light Up LEGO Minecraft torch is a must-have. Illuminate your world with the warmth and coziness of our torch today!